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International Outlook of MSH

International mobility and international cooperation become more and more a prerequisite for a successful career in the increasingly connected world. As a young and dynamic University, the MSH Medical School Hamburg reacts to this development trough different channels. To respond to the current and future demands of the global labour market, MSH continuously strives to expand its international cooperation schemes. As such, the University enables students to experience a well-organised study experience abroad and contributes to the internationalization of the training of its emerging researchers. Through different cooperation schemes in different countries, students learn from early on to take on international responsibility and to confront global challenges.

At the same time, the mobility of researchers from MSH Medical School Hamburg is promoted and supports the participation in international conferences. Long-term, we seek to form innovation potentials and to foster the collaboration with researchers on an international level.

In practice, the internationalization at MSH is realized through the following procedures:

    1. Participation in ERASMUS+
    2. Development of the network with international partner universities for student- and lecturer exchange
    3. Involvement of our academic staff in international research projects
    4. Provision of language courses prior to commencing study/work abroad periods
    5. Development of course offerings in thge Enlish language in the coming semesters

      If you wish to find out more about the international outlook of MSH, please get in touch with our International Office.

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