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Intensive MSH

»Experience what happens when every second counts.« Under this motto, we operated a fully functional intensive care unit for the second time during the celebrations for the 10th anniversary of the MSH Medical School Hamburg on 11th and 12th October 2019 for 30 hours.

Spectators were given exclusive insights into the responsible daily routines of doctors, emergency medical staff and nurses, and experienced the perfect interplay of all professional groups in the admission, care and discharge of different patients. The various emergency scenarios were supported by keynote speeches on the topics of emergency care and intensive care medicine, and were illustrated by, among other things, a simulation rescue car. Key topics of the presentations were, for example, intensive care and transport, living will, brain death diagnostics and organ donation. In addition, guests had the opportunity to become active and to practice in our resuscitation training, how to keep a clear head in case of emergency.

Review Intensive MSH 2014

Students of medical education (MP11) at MSH Medical School Hamburg set up a lifelike intensive care unit under the motto »Intensive MSH« as early as 2014. The starting point was a project on »Interdisciplinary Teamwork«. The students showed how many medical disciplines are necessary in order to be able to optimally treat patients in an intensive care unit. Paramedics, health and nursing staff, physiotherapists, medical assistants, medical-technical assistants for laboratory medicine and radiology as well as geriatric nurses and midwives - all professions were represented in the study group.

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