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Future of Education 2014

Final presentations on June 21st set the course and inspire the audience!

Even outside the official curriculum, MSH has exciting projects for students on the plate. There is, for example, the annual Future of Education competition on innovative and create ideas around teaching and learning in the digital world. In 2014, a total of eight student teams from MSH and from other universities, discussed the theme »Networking as a success strategy for the future career«.  Strategic networking requires time and continuous effort. Results can be seen only in the long-run. But contacts, the basis for professional success, need to be looked after. This in turn, requires an honest interest in the people, in their work and in their needs. But what can be done specifically to build a strong network? How do modern social networks aid and how can we use our networks to create more transparency?

The different aspects of networking have been looked at from the participating student teams; they came up with very creative, some pragmatic or scientific solutions. All teams have been guided by professional and experienced mentors from the field of economics and the University. The kick-off of the project was in April in Hamburg and included a range of presentations, team formation and the development of first ideas around the topics of networking. These approaches are the starting point for a research process lasting two months, which aims to develop the ideas further. Another workshop was then scheduled in May to supplement the processes. On Open Day, 21st June 2014, things got exciting! Students presented their projects to a jury and to the public. Awardees were announced after the event. All visitors of the Open Day were cordially invited to sneak into the project presentations. Many visitors made use of this special service.

Winner of 2014: »Meal of Fortune«

With the change and transformation of our modern world of work, it becomes of utmost importance be at the right spot on the right time and also to continue to be up to date. As a matter of fact, the person who is well connected to the »reputed« and well-known people, and the person who is well known itself, gets more attractive tasks and challenges him-/herself. For your professional development it is important to think outside the box and not only perceive the immediate environment. Every opportunity needs to be used to connect with people. The lunch hour is a good option for this. With the initiative »Meals of Fortune«, the winning team was awarded a trip to the conference »Tagung für Aktionsforschung« in September 2014 in Zurich.

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