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Future of Education: Riding the waves

Teamwork and management skills on the Eisjlemeer

The competitive element of Future of Education seeks to address teaching and learning strategies of the future - outside the box and free of formal standards. This year, we aimed at understanding the topic Know-how! How to teach and learn the right stuff.

We also awarded prices to this year’s winners – prices that were just as attractive and non-conventional as the topic. Winners of the first price won a sailing trip on the Eisjlemeer and on the Markermeer.

Under the guidance of Gisbert Straden, Assistant Lecturer at BSP and owner of the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean (commercial endorsed), the winning crew set sail in late September 2015 with a Bavaria 37 Cruiser. From Lemmer to Enkhuizen, the team geared towards Amsterdam. Regrettably, Amsterdam could not be reached, due to weather conditions and a limited time-frame. But flexibility is part of the business: therefore, the crew set sail on the second day towards Stavoren and travelled through the canals of Friesland and back to Lemmer.

During this time, awardees got to know the basic language of sailing, as well as the docking manoevre – even so under severe conditions with man overboard procedures. Special focus was put on team development and leadership skills. Sailing is an ideal tool to reflect on the effects of your own leadership skills. With the quotation »I cannot change the direction of the wind – but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination« by Antoine St. Exupéry, participants got to understand an excellent metaphor on the meaning of basic conditions during daily management activities and the handling of leadership skills.

This was also reflected in our students lived experiences. They experienced first-hand their own leadership behavior and the influence of their own personality on the subsequent leadership process. All this has a direct and unfiltered effect on the environment. Special highlights include the experience of adjustment based on direct feedback – be it through the ship or the crew, through team structures or -processes. Group dynamics, communication and successful organization of team members have largely become visible during these three intense days.

All students jointly agreed that this unique seminar presents the ideal supplement to the modules ‚Personnel and leadership’ as well as ‘Human resource development”. It was suggested to include this module as an elective module at BSP in the near future. 

Participants expressed their gratitude to the University management team and are looking forward to the next round of Future of Education in 2016. The selection of topics and registration will be made available in December 2015 on the websites of BSP, MSB and MSH.

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