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Future of Education: A novel strategic management approach

Golf seminar in the Sediner Land for winners of the Future of Education 2015

The competitive Future of Education initiative is a unique and outside-the-box approach to think and plan - free of guidelines and structures - about the future of learning and teaching. This year’s theme: »Know-how! How to teach and learn the right stuff.«

Surely, we also awarded prices - just as attractive and non-conventional as the topic - to this year’s winners. The winning teams of the second price came from the New School Amsterdam and from the MSH Medical School Hamburg. On Saturday morning, 17. October 2015, a team of ten travelled to the Golf Resort Semlin close to Berlin, to receive their price: a two-day golf seminar.

During an introductory course, students learnt the basics of golf. But not only that – the sport was also used as a hook for the development of leadership skills. Under the guidance of Gisbert Straden, students learnt about strategic planning elements, methodology and approaches as well as key elements in decision-making. All these aspects can be well displayed in a unique way when playing golf.

Key element in these activities was the understanding and exploration of the inner self, the project planning based on an active course management, the overcoming of hindrances such as water, sand dunes or roughs, and the handling of permanently changing conditions, such as wind, weather or transforming team constellations.

During evaluation rounds, the transfer to the leadership- or enterprise skills was highlighted. The variety in methodologies and the experiential approach changed the view on the need of strategic planning elements and their value in leadership contexts. Course coordinator Gisbert Straden: »Students were given the opportunity to experience a holistic stakeholder analysis in a new context.«

The students were equally thrilled. One participant mentioned: »The golf course was a completely new learning environment – fully in line with the creative approach of the Future of Education project.«

The key learning outcomes of the golf course include:

  • Systematic decision-making leads to success
  • The consideration of the permanently changing environmental conditions have an immediate impact on the quality of individual decision-making
  • The confrontation with individual stressors leads to improved outcomes
  • Constructive feedback is a requirement for effective teamwork

The seminar was a success not only because of the exquisite golf course per se and the use of golf skills, but also because of the amazing surrounding and ambience of the resort with its 4-star hotel, a wellness area and outstanding dining opportunities. Even the weather was great. Another nice side-effect was the fact that all students found entry to the sport of golf.

The participants say thank you to the entire academic management team and are looking forward to the next round of Future of Education in 2016. Themes and registration will be available in December 2015 on the website of BSP, MSB and MSH.

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