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The Scientific Profile of the Department Pedagogy

The interdisciplinary research of the Department of Pedagogy is, on the one hand, aimed at prevention and health promotion, whereby health education, sports sciences and medical perspectives focus on different intervention levels and logistics. The research methods in this area are linked to the Exercise and Health research cluster and, in particular, to the Exercise is Medicine area.

A further focus is in the area of »Health Professionals Education«, whereby the development of inter-professional cooperative skills is of special interest. The focus on inter-professional competence is closely related to the ICF Research Cluster, or rather the objectives of the ICF Research Institute. The university’s didactic approach of research-based learning and its orientation towards inter-disciplinarity and inter-professionality offers students comprehensive insight into the respective research foci at an early stage of their studies and enables them to link their own research projects to existing research clusters. 

We at the MSH specifically support students’ research projects, which they develop from their practical work and seek to realize as part of a doctorate, and thus cooperate with practical institutions and partner universities able to award doctorates.

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The Institute of Research and Education GmbH is a scientific enterprise founded in 2016 in Hamburg's HafenCity with a focus on research services, contract research and continuing and advanced education.

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The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) serves as an interdisciplinary and international standard language for describing the functional state of a person’s health, disability, social impairment and relevant environmental factors. The ICF Research Institute (IRIs) has the task of scientifically researching and supporting the implementation and use of the ICF in Germany.

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Effects on brain activity during a cognitive inhibition task Professor Henning Budde

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