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The tasks of the healthcare professions are becoming ever more diverse. Members of the very different healthcare professions will, in future take on ever more complex tasks: they will need to verify the evidence of their measures, be generally-aligned practitioners, cooperate independently in multi-professional teams, implement inter-disciplinary management tasks as head of a team or project, and independently conduct quality assurance tasks. Highly specialized fields of work are emerging – and this demands an especially high degree of inter-professional thinking and action from the separate professions.

The Master’s program Medical Pedagogy (Master of Education) trains highly qualified teaching staff for a wide variety of educational programs and jobs in the training and further education of health professionals.

Interdisciplinary training to strengthen inter-professional competences in practical teamwork is the guiding principle of the Master's program in the Department of Pedagogy at the Faculty of Life Sciences (University status), which is also reflected in the Department's research cluster.

The Department of Pedagogy

Faculty of Life Sciences (University)

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