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Practical Interface

Part-time study models enable students to continue working during their studies. In this way, they can use the knowledge acquired during their courses to analyze and reflect, critically and theoretically, on everyday professional life. In the Bachelor's program Medical Pedagogy and the Master's Health and Nursing Pedagogy students also complete practical or didactic studies, which provide them the opportunity to perceive and reflect on the complexity of everyday school life and educational activity. The courses offer a process of exchange and reflection between science, school practice and the students themselves, and spotlight the correlation between these three systems of reference and their respective forms of knowledge.


In order to further professionalize vocational training in the health care system, we are constantly expanding our network of academic training schools and, in further developing concepts to realize our respective goals, see common guiding principles, intersections and opportunities for expansion.

IPW Institut für praxisorientierte Weiterbildung

BmH Bildungszentrum für medizinische Heilhilfsberufe

Notfallpädagogisches Institut (Essen): Berufsfachschule für den Rettungsdienst

Rettungsdienst-Kooperation in Schleswig-Holstein RKiSH gGmbH

Berufliche Schule an der Universitätsmedizin Greifswald

Medizinische Hochschule Hannover – Bildungsakademie Pflege: Schule für Operationstechnische und Anästhesietechnische Assistenz, Akademische Lehrschule für Medizin- und Pflegepädagogik

Gesundheit- und Krankenpflegeschule am Krankenhaus St.Elisabeth gGmbH

Akademie für Gesundheit- und Sozialberufe GmbH

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