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Study Programs of the Department Medical Management

The Bachelor's programs in Medical Controlling and Management, Medical Technology and Rescue Management, and the Master's programs Hospital Management and Medical Technology, not only teach technical and social skills but we also focus on the acquisition of management skills in our students, because we are aware that the general conditions in the health care sector not only demand technical knowledge but comprehensive leadership skills for administrative and leadership tasks. All three courses provide future experts with in-depth knowledge of business administration, health economics, together with foundational medical knowledge and management methods. The department specifically focuses on the early involvement of students in practice-related fields.

Medical Controlling and Management? Or Rescue Management? Which Bachelor's program suits me best?

The Bachelor’s program Medical Controlling and Management teaches the foundations of business administration and health economics. One focus is on the DRG accounting system, as well as the assignment of managerial tasks, centering on hospitals. Previous training in a health profession, however, is not a prerequisite.

The Bachelor’s Program Rescue Management is aimed at emergency paramedics who, after some years in their profession, seek further academic qualifications and aspire to a management position in the rescue and ambulance service. The course particularly qualifies students as the head of a rescue station, or emergency service. Another exciting occupational field is emergency care, e.g. employment in central emergency rooms/admissions.

The consecutive Master's course completes the program and enables Bachelor graduates to gain further qualifications for later management and leadership duties in healthcare companies.