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Department Medical Management

Faculty of Health Sciences (University of Applied Sciences)

What makes the Department of Medical Management special is that its Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs combine the disciplines of business administration, medicine and management, thus exemplifying the university's interdisciplinary approach.

Growth market: The Healthcare Sector

The outstanding value of these degree programs is clear in view of the current economic and socio-political significance of the health industry: In 2016, the gross added value (GVA) of the German health industry amounted to almost 340 billion euros, approx. 12 percent of the total GDP. At the same time, the sector employs seven million people, which accounts for over sixteen percent of Germany’s total workforce. 

Key economic indicators of the healthcare industry indicate above-average growth compared to the overall economy. At the same time, the German healthcare system is subject to a dynamic, the like of which is not to be found in any other sector. Upon introduction of the DRG system (Diagnosis Related Groups), economic pressure and, thus also the management tasks in all areas of the healthcare industry, increased significantly.

Health experts urgently needed

The search is on for health experts that are capable to internalize foundational medical knowledge together with business and health economic know-how. Experts that are able to respond to legal and medical questions, with specific skills in communication, presentation and above-average analytical expertise.

Our study program in the Department of Medical Management imparts precisely these specialist skills and prepares our graduates for a dynamic working environment full of exciting development opportunities.

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