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Profile and concept of MSH Medical School Hamburg

Profile and Mission Statement

The challenges of the health sector require transdisciplinary approaches of all stakeholders involved and the willingness to closely cooperate in the varying fields of work. The profile of MSH is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach throughout. Our aim is to provide an education in the fields of medicine, health professions and other relevant interdisciplinary teams that cross technical boundaries. We do this by connecting inter-professional academic education, research and by establishing careers pathways for health professions, supplemented by further training for health care professions and medical staff.

What makes MSH special?

What makes us special is the interdisciplinary education of health professionals.

The following mission statement of MSH constitutes the mutual self-concept and principles of all associated university members:

What is important to us?


With the courses we offer, we respond to the increased demand on novel and contemporary qualifications of health professions. Only through distinctively qualified and interdisciplinary oriented technical staff can we respond to the current demand that is posed on the health sector. Therefore we conceptualize our courses of degrees in a way that every MSH graduate is prepared for interprofessional collaboration in the health professions. We also promote the necessary cooperation within the disciplines: We have cross-cutting departments and mixed teams, among others with health economics, psychologists, lawyers, medical doctors, social scientists, health- and natural scientists.

Innovation and Quality

Innovative and high quality courses of degrees are vitally important to us. All our courses of study are officially accredited and are being continuously evaluated. We take highly qualified and outstanding academic staff for granted. At the same time we cooperate with reputed enterprises of the health sector to expand our educational training in health and medicine and to respond to the demands and challenges of the job market.

This network of competencies also increases the professional future careers of our students, e.g. through internships, practical trainings and project work.

Motivation and Talent, rather than Numerus Clausus (NC)

For us, motivation, performance and talent count more than the average grades on your final diploma. Therefore we pay special attention for students to become actively involved, to take attendance, punctuality and discipline seriously and to take responsibility for their own actions. At the same time, we support and foster the strengths and talents of performance- and future-oriented students – independent of their financial and social backgrounds.


Our doors are open. Our academic management, professors and lecturers as well as the university administration are always approachable for you. Small seminar groups and an individual support service are important to us. Students are actively engaged rather than consuming passively. From their first day onwards, we consider our students as being partners of our interdisciplinary team.

The Sense of Togetherness

As a private academic institution it is of great importance to us that students feel comfortable and at home. Therefore, we create a unique learning and working atmosphere on our campus in the heart of the Hamburg HafenCity district and on our Campus at the Harburger Binnenhafen. At the same time, events, excursions and joint meetings ensure an open team spirit and stimulate a feeling of togetherness.

Family-friendly Environments

Through our part-time courses of degrees, students get the chance to combine their studies, jobs and family life. Several compact seminars per semester (Thursdays to Mondays) are offered at our University. This leaves sufficient time for self-study in your own familiar and professional environment.

Which values are important to us?

We study, research and live independently and self-determined

This means that all activities at our university, in our partner institutions and in our private lives are to be designed in a responsible, independent and active way. We promote the development of each individual student and encourage the formation of opinions. The confidence in our individual capacities and the courage to assert ourselves, determine our actions.

We adopt social responsibility

Self-determination also means to adopt responsibility – not only for our own actions and the continuing development of our university but also for others. We look after others and communicate with our direct environment. In this, we are eager to accept different attitudes and lifestyles.

We understand our talents and strengths as a chance

We take the chance to develop our talents and strengths independently of the numerus clausus. We use this opportunity and we work goal-oriented. Surely, motivation and performance go without saying.

We consider our university as a research enterprise

We are aware that our university can only confront the challenges of research, teaching and service if it is lead economically. Development also requires the necessary means that need to be generated. We understand the values and deal with them responsibly.

How do we translate our mission statement and values?

As a suggestion of our students, the Charter of Honour and Respect has been developed collectively with lecturers, academic staff and the university management to translate our mission statement and values at MSH. This Charter of Honour and Respect is to be approved by all University members by signature.

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