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Professor Peter Sinapius PhD (EGS)

Prof. Peter Sinapius

Professor Peter Sinapius PhD (EGS)
Professor for Intermedial Art Therapy
Programm Director Expressive Arts in Social Transformation (EAST)

Am Kaiserkai 1
20457 Hamburg

Fon:  040.361 2264 9443
Fax:  040.36 12 26 430

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Peter Sinapius studied painting in Kassel and also in San Francisco. In Koln, he studied art therapy at the Heilpädagogische Faculty of the University of Koln and in Switzerland, he studied expressive arts: therapy, education and consulting at the European Graduate School (EGS). Here, he completed his doctoral studies in the field of »Ästhetik therapeutischer Beziehungen« (equiv. aesthetics of therapeutic relations).

Following his studies, he first worked as an art therapist at the community hospital Witten/Herdecke and then in his own practice in Wiesbaden. In his artistic therapeutical work he focused on children and adolescents.

From 2003-2012, he was Professor for Art Therapy and Paining at the Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen, Ottersberg and coordinated the Art Therapy degree at the Institute for Art Therapy and Research. Since 2012, he is member of the Faculty of Arts, Health and Society at the European Graduate School (EGS). He is also Professor for Intermedial Art Therapy at MSH Medical School Hamburg.


Since October 2012, Peter Sinapius is Professor for Intermedial Art Therapy at MSH Medical School Hamburg and coordinates the bachelor degree »Expressive Arts in Social Transformation« (EAST). He teaches both in the EAST degree as well as in the master degree Intermedial Art Therapy. Focus of his teaching are the areas of philosophical, aesthetical, intermedial and artistic therapies and the arts.

Research Focus

Peter Sinapius is member of the management board of the »Institute for Subjective Experience and Research« (ISER). The institute works in cooperation with the MSH Medical School Hamburg and is a research initiative on health promotion and art (

Over the past ten years, Peter Sinapius has conceptualized and realized a number of research projects. This includes the research project »Entwicklung eines Modells zur gesellschaftlichen Teilhabe von Menschen mit Demenz im Museumsraum« (equiv. Development of a model for societal partake in people with dementia in the space of museums), supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in cooperation with the Lehmbruckmuseum, the Demenz-Support-GmbH-Stuttgart and 10 other museums nationwide.

His research focus is Arts and coping strategies, perception- and health promotion through artistic approaches, inter-subjectivity in artistic therapies, didactics in artistic therapies and development and evaluation of artistic project work.


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