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Dr. Christian Weissert

Academic Staff, Focus on Teaching

Am Kaiserkai 1
20457 Hamburg

Fon:  040.361 226 43230
Fax:  040.361 226 430
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Dr. Christian Weissert is a graduate biologist and has studied in Kiel and Berlin, with stations in Spain (La Laguna) and the USA (Santa Barbara, California). He earned his doctorate at Humboldt University Berlin in cooperation with Algenol GmbH. After working as a group leader at Algenol in 2015, he went to the University of Hamburg and worked as a research associate in molecular biology and genetics. Since October 2019, Dr. Weissert is scientific staff member at MSH and responsible for basic education in biology/molecular biology/biochemistry of human medicine.

Teaching Activities

Dr. Christian Weissert gained 4 years teaching experience in molecular biology and genetics at the University of Hamburg. He accompanied and conceived primarily internships and seminars for Bachelor and Master students of biology. His expertise in teaching was expanded through numerous training courses in university didactics. He also supervised undergraduate and graduate students during their final theses and led to very good results.


B. Joy Erickson; Nathan C. Staples; Nicole Hess; Michelle A. Staples; Christian Weissert; Ruth R. Finkelstein; James B. Cooper (2019) PRPs localized to the middle lamellae are required for cortical tissue integrity in Medicago truncatula roots. Plant Molecular Biology, submitted

Weissert C (2019) Nutrient management of parental plants increases offspring's nutrient utilization efficiency and yield: in preparation

Roessler PG, Budinoff CR, Zhu S, Wang K, Enke H, Weissert C, Jochem F, Deng M (2018) Cyanobacterial strains capable of utilizing phosphite. Patent: US20180112225A1

Kramer D, Weissert C, Coleman J, Enke H, Schunder E, Budinoff CR, Porubsky WP, Belicka L (2017) Recombinant Cyanobacterial Cell For Contamination Control In A Cyanobacterial Culture Producing A Chemical Compound Of Interest. Patent: US20170175148A1

Weissert C & Kehr J (2017) Macronutrient sensing and signaling in plants. In book: Plant Macronutrient Use Efficiency, pp.45-64

Ziegler K, Weissert C, Duehring U, Chin JW, Anderson MA, Cui J, Spieker M (2014) Production of 1,2-propanediol in cyanobacteria. WO2014062993A1

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