Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Britta Wulfhorst

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Britta Wulfhorst

Prof. Dr rer. nat. habil. Britta Wulfhorst
Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences
Professor for Educational Sciences, focus Health Pedagogy

Am Kaiserkai 1
20457 Hamburg

Fon: 040.361 226 450
Fax: 040.361 226 430
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Professor Wulfhorst completed her studies to become a vocational school teacher of health sciences at the University of Osnabruck. She then developed a project for the prevention of job-related skin diseases with the employer liability insurance coverage for health services and welfare in Hannover. Following this, she returned to the University of Osnabruck to undertake doctoral studies and graduated in 1995 in the Faculty of Biology (Dr rer.nat.). She successfully developed and realized her first external grant project. Following a rigorous evaluation, the procedures she conceptualized have been implemented into the standard care of accident insurance carriers. After appointment to become academic assistant, she completed her habilitation (equiv. post-doc dissertation) in 1999 and received her license to teach health pedagogy. As a consequence, she was then appointed to become senior scientific assistant and in 2002 she became extraordinary professor at the University of Osnabruck.

In 2004, Professor Wulfhorst resumed the position of deputy-head of the subject »Dermatology, Environmental Medicine and Health Theory« at the University of Osnabruck. In addition to her teaching and research at the University of Osnabruck, she contributed substantially to the development and foundation of the Institute for Interdisciplinary, Dermatological Prevention (iDerm gGmbH). The institute established innovative concepts for patients with job-related skin diseases. In 2013, she was appointed W-3 Professorship for Educational Sciences, focus Health Pedagogy at MSH Medical School Hamburg. Here, she established the master degree medical pedagogy (Master of Education). This degree is the only degree offered by a private academic institute leading to a teaching degree that can be realized as a part-time degree in Germany.


Since 1992,Prof. Dr. Britta Wulfhorst gathered teaching experiences in teaching degrees for vocational schools with the subjects health sciences, nursing and care and cosmetology at the University of Osnabruck. Focus was herein health theory, health pedagogy, experimental dermatology and didactics. At MSH Medical School Hamburg, Professor Wulfhorst is involved in teaching the bachelor and master degree medical pedagogy and health- and nursing pedagogy, focusing on the didactics of health professions, vocational research- and development competence as well as interdisciplinary teaching and learning.

Research Focus

Professor Britta Wulfhorst’s research focus is the theoretical localization of the educational sub-discipline health pedagogy, the conception, implementation and evaluation of patient education, competence development »Prevention and Health Pedagogy« in the health care sector and prevention of job-related diseases and –disorders. Her research was largely funded by the European Union, the German Federal Environmental Foundation, the European Regional Development Fond, different health insurance funds, and the government body of the statutory accident insurance. To date, Professor Wulfhorst is developing and building a new research focus in the area of inter-professional research on vocational training of health professions. More in-depth details on her research background and interests can be found under »publications«.

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