Prof. Dr. habil. Friedemann Geiger

Prof. Dr. habil. Friedemann Geiger

Prof. Dr. habil. Friedemann Geiger
Professor for Psychological Diagnostics

Am Kaiserkai 1
20457 Hamburg

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Professor Friedemann Geiger studied psychology at the University of Kiel. He then received a scholarship by the Evangelical Student Union Villigst to undertake doctoral studies at the University of Osnabrück in the field of shared decision-making between physicians and patients. Concurrently, he completed a vocational training in systemic therapy and counselling at the Institute for Systemic Studies in Hamburg and carried out voluntary work as a psych oncologist in the Tumor Centre of the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel. Besides, he also worked for the Evangelical Consortium Kiel in the outpatient youth welfare service during this time. 

Since 2006, he works as psychologist in the University Pediatric Hospital in Kiel at the pediatric cancer ward and partly in the social pediatric centre. Since 2013, he is head of the Pediatric Psychooncology. Further, he works at the AG Forensik in the Centre for Integrative Psychiatry in Kiel since 2002. As freelancer, he also works as systemic therapist and counsellor and as counsellor for study design, statistics and evaluation in a range of medical working groups.


Since 2006, Professor Geiger teaches the subjects of Human Medicine at the University of Kiel in the modules Pediatrics, Medical Psychology and Sociology. At MSH Medical School Hamburg he teaches Psychological Diagnostics and Developmental Psychology.

Further, he manages the vocational training courses in systemic therapy and counselling for several organizing institutions in the psychological, medical- and social pedagogical sector.

Research Focus

Professor Geiger examines the physician-patient communication, with a particular focus on the shared decision-making processes. Focus is the development of approaches and measurement tools for the multi-perspective quantitative collection of the magnitude of sharing during the shared decision making processes (MAPPIN’SDM, SDMMASS). Herein, he investigates in the role of uncertainty in medical decision-making (UP24). Further, he develops and evaluations communication training mechanisms for physicians (IT’s SDM 2011).

In the context of forensic psychology, Professor Geiger explores the structure of personality of violent offenders, with special focus on the construct of psychopathy and its relation to other accentuations of anti-social spectrums.


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