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Dr. Thomas Langkamp

Dr. Thomas Langkamp
Academic Staff, focus on teaching

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Thomas Langkamp completed a voluntary service as an online editorial journalist. He studied geography at the University of Hamburg, focusing on climate change issues. In 2013, he completed his doctoral thesis in which he examines regional climate modifications. Following, he worked as freelance lecturer at different Universities with the focus on statistics, geo-information systems (GIS) and climate modelling (WRF/Linux).

Since 2015 he has been working as a research academic assistant with a focus on teaching at the MSH.

Since 2020 he has also been involved in the virtual teaching team and the Open Science Workgroup of the Department of Psychology at the MSH as well as in the translation team of the JASP Statistics Project at the University of Amsterdam.

Selection of Publications

Anker-Ladefoged, C., Langkamp, T., Mueller-Alcazar, A. (2021): The impact of the intestinal microbiome on the stress response. MDPI healthcare. (accepted 25 February 2021 for Special Issue "Somatopsychology: When Madness Arises from the Body")

Langkamp T. (2013): Thesis: Contributions towards a downscaling scheme for urban climate modeling integrating mobile measurements and improved roughness representation for Hamburg (Germany)

Langkamp T. and J Böhner (2011): Influence of the compiler on multi-CPU performance of WRFv3;
in Geosci. Model Dev, 4, 611–623, doi [10.5194/gmd-4-611-2011].





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