Nicole Deci, M.Sc.
Academic Staff, Focus on Teaching

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Nicole Deci studied at the Technical University of Braunschweig. After completing her bachelor's degree in psychology, she specialized in the field of work, organization, traffic and engineering psychology in her master's degree (field of study: psychology). In 2010 she came to the University of Hamburg for research purposes. There she worked as an intern, later as a student assistant in the project ReSuDi. She is co-author of the book »Corporate Health Management in Cultural Diversity. The ReSuDi Program«. During this time, her research interest in the connections between work and health solidified. For example, her doctoral thesis deals with the interaction between working conditions, coping strategies and well-being/health impairments. From 2016-2018 she was also coordinator of the e-RegioWerk project. After her work there, she worked together with her interdisciplinary colleagues at the JGU Mainz to develop a holistic student health management (Healthy Campus Mainz). In October 2019, she then moved to the Medical School Hamburg. Nicole Deci became acquainted with the MSH as a member of the project »Accessibility - Well Designed in Operation« between 2017-2018. In the summer semester 2019 she took on the first teaching assignment at the MSH.

Teaching Activities

Nicole Deci was responsible at the University of Hamburg for the conception and implementation of the accompanying seminars on the lecture »Work and Organizational Psychology« as well as various advanced training seminars in the same field. In addition, she took on additional tasks in the context of student support (for example, internship supervision, supervision and assessment of theses). As a freelance lecturer, she also teaches at the European University of Applied Sciences in the sub-module Social Psychology since 2013. Nicole Deci teaches at the MSH in the seminars »Foundations of Work and Organizational Psychology« and »Diagnostics of Work and Organizational Psychology«.

Research Focus

Nicole Deci focuses on health-promoting and obstructive working conditions and personal coping strategies in various work settings and in the student context. Her focus is on self-endangering strategies, e.g. dissolution of work. She also worked with her colleagues on the »constant accessibility« in organizations. Methodologically, their focus is on questionnaire studies (for example, diary studies).


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