Lisa Schönberg (M.Psych)

Lisa Schönberg (M.Psych)
Psychological Psychotherapist – Depth-Psychological-based Psychotherapy
Academic Staff, focus on teaching

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Lisa Schönberg studied psychology at the University of Vienna and at the Free University Berlin focusing on theory and history of psychology, Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology. During her studies, she gained practical work experience as research assistant in the psychosomatic and psychotherapeutical division for adolescents of the hospital Havelhöhe Berlin.

After completion of her studies in 2008, Lisa Schönberg undertook a vocational training leading to psychological psychotherapist at the Institute of Psychotherapy at the University of Hamburg and was awarded the approbation in in-depth strategies of depth-psychological psychotherapy. Since 2008, Lisa Schönberg has worked in a number of different clinical fields of work (inpatient, partly-inpatient and outpatient psychiatric and psychotherapeutical treatment). In her latest role, Lisa Schönberg worked as a psychologist at Asklepios West in the division of psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy. From 2009-2013, Lisa Schönberg was co-editor of the German Journal “Psychology and Social Criticism”.


Since the winter semester 2013 Schönberg teaches at MSH Medical School Hamburg for the Master Degree Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. Since the summer semester 2014 she also teaches as associate lecturer for the Bachelor Degree Psychology and for the Master Degree Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy.

Research Focus

Schönberg’s interest lies in constructivist and postmodern approaches of Psychology and Psychotherapy.


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