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Astrid Emmerich, Dipl.-Psych. (M.Sc. equiv. Psych.)

Astrid Emmerich, Dipl.-Psych. (M.Sc. equiv. Psych.)
Academic Staff, Focus on Teaching

Am Kaiserkai 1
20457 Hamburg

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Astrid Emmerich studied Psychology with a focus on occupational- and organizational psychology and health psychology at the University of Leipzig. During her studies she worked in the Leipzig Research Centre for Early Childhood Development and for the Max-Planck-Institute for Cognition- and Neurosciences. She then worked in an international research project on health promoting leadership at the Institute for Occupational- and Organizational Psychology at the University Leipzig. From 2012-2017 Astrid Emmerich worked in the Institute for Occupational- and Organizational Psychology at the University Leipzig and from 2014-2017 she worked as academic staff for the pro-rectorate for the development and transfer at the University of Leipzig. Besides, from 2016-2017 she was Assistant Lecturer for health promotion in organizations at the Philipps University Marburg. Since 2010, Astrid Emmerich works as a consultant and coach in the field of workplace health management and for authentic behavior in organizations and authentic leadership. She is certified coach of the Institute for Health and Management and completed a training for systemic counselling (ISB) in 2014. Since October 2017, Dr. med. Emmerich is teaching in the study programs Bachelor Psychology, Advanced Nursing Practice, Rescue Management, Medical Controlling and the Master of Occupational and Organizational Psychology with a focus on Fundamentals of Work and Organizational Psychology, Diagnostics in Work and Organizational Psychology, Personal and Social Competence, Scientific Works as well as cultural psychology at the Medical School Hamburg. At the BSP Business School Berlin Campus Hamburg she teaches teambuilding and team development as well as scientific work.


Astrid Emmerich has taught into the Bachelor- and Master degrees Occupational- and Organizational Psychology at the University of Leipzig. Here, she focused on the foundations, as well as advanced- and project-based modules on occupational psychological research of stress and coping mechanisms, as well as on authenticity and creativity. At the University of Marburg the lectured in the field of health promotion in organizations. As Erasmus guest lecturer, she has also taught at the Universities of Jyväskylä (Finland), at the University of Istanbul Kültür (Turkey), at the University of La Laguna (Spain) and at the University Gdanks (Poland). At MSH Medical School Hamburg, Astrid Emmerich teaches into the Bachelor degrees Psychology and Advanced Nursing Practice and into the Master degrees Rescue Management and Occupational- and Organizational Psychology with focus on occupational psychology, personal and social skills as well as cultural psychology.


The primary research focus of Astrid Emmerich is the examination of authentic behavior as health- and performance-relevant resources for employees. Here, the individual authentic behavior as well as the authentic behavior of co-workers has an important role to play for health- and performance-based outcomes. Another focus of hers is the examination of authentic leadership as a performance-promoting factor for teams and its relationship with explanatory mechanisms.



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