Datum: 17.08.2022

Prof. Dr. habil. Ulrike Zimmer

Prof. Dr. habil. Ulrike Zimmer

Professor for Biological Psychology and Research Methods

Am Kaiserkai 1
20457 Hamburg

Fon:  040.361 226 49363
Fax:  040.361 226 430
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Professor Zimmer graduated from the University of Ulm with a Diplom (equiv M.Sc.) in Biology with a focus on Neurobiology. After successful completion, she increasingly focused on cognitive-neuroscientific processes. Thus, in her doctoral thesis (completion 2003) she proceeded to the Department of Neurology at the Tubingen University Hospital. Here, she undertook neuropsychological examinations with patients as well as those of the functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRT), with the aim to explore the effects of visual dysfunctions on acoustic perception mechanisms.

During her post-doctoral researcher period, she worked in a number of international research laboratories, such as the Neuroimaging Laboratory in the rehabilitation hospital Santa Lucia in Rome/Italy and in the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience at Duke University/NC in the USA. This is when she deepened her expertise and skills on multi-sensory perception- and attention processes on healthy individuals, using electroencephalography (EEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRT).

In May 2011, Ulrike Zimmer proceeded as Assistant Professor for General Psychology to the University of Graz in Austria. Here, she began to explore the impact of emotions on multisensory processes and completed her Habilitation (equiv. post-doctoral dissertation) in October 2015 in Psychology (venia legendi for Psychology).

In winter semester 2017/2018, Ulrike Zimmer was appointed Professor for Biological Psychology and Research Methods at MSH Medical School Hamburg.


In previous international research periods abroad, Ulrike Zimmer delivered seminars on the application and analysis of neuroscientific data (EEG/ERP-Lab und SPM). Her current teaching focus is on Biological Psychology, General Psychology and Research Methods.

In her role at MSH, Ulrike Zimmer aims to demonstrate the relationship between human behavior and cognitive processes based on neuro-scientific findings of the latest psychological research contributions. In her seminars on Research Methods, students become acquainted with the foundations of experimental procedures and apply these in first independent behavioral experiments.


Ulrike Zimmer’s primary research interest are multisensory processes. She explores the extent to which our auditive perception impacts or supports our visual processing. In her current research she is specifically interested in the multisensory interplay between attention and emotion. Here, the increasingly explores social gestures and the impact on emotion processing.

Urike Zimmer publishes her findings in high-impact peer-reviewed international neuroscientific research journals. (e.g. Neuroimage, 2016; Psychophysiology 2015; Neuron, 2005).