Prof. Dr. Susanne Vogel, Dipl.-Psych.

Professor for Differential and Personality Psychology

Am Kaiserkai 1
20457 Hamburg

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Susanne Vogel studied psychology with a minor in medicine at the Technical University Dresden and at McGill University. From early on, her interest circled around stress-related change processes in human thought and action modes. She undertook doctoral studies from 2011-2015 at the Donders Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Cognition in the Netherlands. In her doctoral thesis, she explored how stress impacts different memory systems, which brain processes are responsible for those changes and which messengers are responsible to stimulate changes. Following the completion of her doctoral work, she worked at the University of Hamburg as academic staff in the field of cognition psychology. She primarily focused on the effects of stress on the human brain and the neuronal and physiological foundations of stress. Since winter semester 2017, she was a research associate at MSH and was appointed to the professorship of Differential and Personality Psychology for the winter semester 2022. Here she studies the effects of stress on learning, attention, and behavior in approach-avoidance conflicts, as well as the basis of individual differences in the effects of stress. 


Since 2008, Susanne Vogel is involved in teaching psychology-related topics. Whilst she initially worked as a tutor at the Technical University Dresden and ran seminars on intelligence, she also trained students in multivariate biostatistics, and prepared them for the observational- and interview internship. During her PhD in the Netherlands, she supervised Bachelor- and Master theses in the field of neurobiology and cognitive neurosciences. Further to this, she delivered introduction seminars on brain and behaviour for undergraduate students. During her work at the University of Hamburg, she gained teaching experience by delivering lecture and seminars in the field of General Psychology (learning and memory), through the involvement in the empirical-experimental internship, and by supervising final theses. At MSH Medical School Hamburg, Susanne Vogel teaches into the degree Psychology with a focus on Differential- and Personality Psychology. However, she also supervises research-oriented, experimental internships and an elective module on stress. 


Her primary research interest lies in the better understanding of how stress impacts our thinking, memory and actions. She is particularly interested in the role of noradrenalin and cortisol and how they transmit neuronal and cognitive changes when in stress. In one of her studies, she demonstrates that the receptor for cortisol, mineral-corticoidreceptor, largely impacts neurocognitive change processes when in stress and that stress-related memory alterations are time-dependent. Further to this, she explores the impact of genetic variance of the mineral-corticoidreceptor on the emotional memory.

Susanne Vogel has successfully generated external funding from the German Research Foundation to investigate the impact of stress on approaching- and avoiding behaviour. Here, she is interested in inter-individual differences and their hormonal, neuronal and (epi-)genetic foundations, that emerge as a result of stress exposure.


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