Prof. Dr. Sonja Bröning

Sonja Broening

Professor for Developmental Psychology

Am Kaiserkai 1
20457 Hamburg

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Dr Sonja Bröning completed her studies in business administration in 1998 and worked in the human resource management team of a large enterprise. A few years in the role, she undertook additional studies in the field of pedagogy (minor psychology and sociology) and completed these with distinction in 2005. From 2005 – 2008, she undertook doctoral studies in the field of psychology at the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich. She investigated in resolute parents during the separation process. From 2009 – 2013, Dr Bröning led research projects in the Deutsches Zentrum für Suchtfragen des Kindes- und Jugendalters (DZSKJ) (equiv. German Centre of Addictions in Children- and Adolescents) at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. She further worked as systematic therapist in the drug- and alcohol emergency care unit for adolescents, young adults and their families at the Universitätsklinikums Hamburg-Eppendorf (DAA) of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. Besides, Dr Bröning works since several years as mediator (BM), systemic counsellor and systemic therapist (DGSF) on a freelance basis. Prior to her work at MSH Medical School Hamburg, Dr Bröning was located in Panama City for the duration of one year.


Since many years, Dr Bröning teaches as a coach and classroom teacher in the area of developmental- and family psychology and in the research stream of addiction- and prevention research for the DZSKJ at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. She is certified coach for the programmes „Trampolin – ein Gruppenangebot für Kinder aus Suchtbelasteten Familien“ (“Trampoline – a group activity for children of families with addictions”) and „Familien Stärken“ (“Making families strong”).

Research Focus

Dr Bröning is co-developer for several prevention projects, among others the „Kinder im Blick – ein Gruppenangebot für Eltern in Trennung“ (Präventionspreis 2009 der Deutschen Liga für das Kind). Her research focuses on (addiction) prevention research.


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