Prof. Dr. Anja Baethge

Prof. Dr. Anja Baethge

Professor for Occupational- and Organizational Psychology

Am Kaiserkai 1
20457 Hamburg

Fon: 040.361 226 49301
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Anja Baethge studied psychology at Leipzig University and worked as a student assistant at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences. In 2009 she completed her studies in 2009 as a psychologist.

Afterwards she worked in a research project that she initiated during the writing of her dipoma thesis. Herein, she workd on work interruptions and multitasking (F2220, project sponsor: BAuA - Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) at the University of Leipzig. Her doctoral thesis was titled »A daily perspective on work interruptions«. She completed her doctorate in 2013 at Johannes Gutenberg University.

She worked as a research associate at the University of Leipzig (2009-2012), the University of Hamburg (2012) and the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (2013-2019). At the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz she worked on the DFG-funded project »Accumulation of work interruptions« and conducted a diary study combined with Ambulatory Assessment of Heart Rate (2014-2015). Since 2017, she has been in charge of a project on resilience in the context of daily work stress funded by the German Resilience Center (RiCH: From Threat to Challenge: Resilience in Coping with Daily Work-Related Hassles). Here, a diary study is combined with a weekly log book and two longitudinal surveys. In addition a Trierer Social Stress Test is carried out in the laboratory setting in order to shed light on the resilience in dealing with stress from different perspectives.

Since 2018, she works as Associate Editor for the Journal of Managerial Psychology.

In November 2018, she accepted the position of Professor of Occupational and Organizational Psychology at Medical School Hamburg.

Research focus

The research focus of Anja Baethge is work and health. She focuses primarily on work-related stress and the health consequences of stress (stress over time), measured with subjective and objective indicators.

Using complex longitudinal designs, she examines the effect of time on the interplay between stress(ors) , stress management strategies and stress consequences. She is interested in permanent and fluctuating effects and in gradients over different time intervals.

In order not to limit herself to subjective experiences, she makes use of the Ambulatory Assessments and measures continuously and punctually physiological indicators in connection with daily, weekly and permanent work-related stress.

Expert activities / editor positions

Associate Editor:

  • Journal of Managerial Psychology (since 2018)

Editorial Review Board:

  • European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology (seit 2017)
  • Journal of Managerial Psychology (2017)

Reviewer (Magazines):

  • Economic and Industrial Democracy
  • European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology
  • Human Factors
  • International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making
  • International Journal of Stress Management
  • Journal of Applied Psychology (since 2020 additionally: AdHoc Reviewer/Emergency Reviewer)
  • Journal of Managerial Psychology
  • Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology
  • Journal of Occupational Health Psychology
  • Stress & Health
  • Work & Stress


  • 12/2020 Best Paper Award 2020, Journal of Personnel Psychology



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