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Prof. Dr. habil. Anett Müller-Alcazar

Prof. Dr. habil Anett Müller-Alcazar

Professor ad interim for Biological Psychology

Am Kaiserkai 1
20457 Hamburg

Fon: 040.361 226 49257
Fax: 040.361 226 430
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From 1999-2005, Anett Müller-Alcazar studied at the Technical University (TU) Dresden and at Stanford University in the U.S. (funded by the Roland-Ernst Foundation). Here she had an interdisciplinary focus of biological and psychological psychology. After completion of her studies in 2006, the worked as academic staff and doctoral student at the Institute for Biopsychology at the TU Dresden under the auspices of Professor Kirschbaum (2006-2009). Here, she completed her doctoral work titled »Impact of the Serotonin-Transporter-Polymorphism (5-HTTLPR) and Stressful Life Events on Stress Response in Humans« which she successfully defended in September 2009. In January 2010, a grant by the German Research Foundation and the support of Professor Kirschbaum allowed her to collaborate for 2.5 years with Professor Canli at Stony Brook University in the U.S. Here, she was given an in-depth insight into the molecular genetic methodologies and imaging physics (fMRT). 


During her doctoral studies at the Technical University Dresden, Anett led seminars and lectures on the topic of »Research Methods of Psychology« and »Behavioural Genetics«. She was also involved in supervising students. During her time as post doc at Stony Brook University, she continued to be involved in supervision activities and was further responsible for the further development of methodologies in biological psychology. At MSH Medical School Hamburg she teaches the subjects Biological Psychology and Research Methods since 2012. 

Research Focus

Her primary research interest is the investigation of biological mechanisms that are grounded in individual differences of biological reactivity on psychosocial stress. Focus is the meaning of epigenetic features, environmental influences and individual personality profiles. The objective of these studies is the prevention and early diagnostic of stress-based associations and psychological disorders, its treatment and the identification of new biological markers (telomere research) or stress-based and psychological disorders.

Not only is Annett Müller-Alcazar  interested in different approaches such as candidate genes, DNA methylation, registration of critical life circumstances, but she also has an interest in a range of methodologies such as emotion- and stress induction, imaging procedures (fMRT) and field research (alternative treatment in posttraumatic stress disorders or early intervention of self-efficacy in workplace health management).  



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Scientific Reviewing Functions 

  • Archives of Medical Research IF: 2.093
  • Applied Sciences IF: 2.480
  • Biological Psychology IF: 2.763
  • BMC Psychiatry IF: 2.860
  • International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health IF: 2.849
  • International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction IF: 1.768
  • Journal of Student Research IF: --
  • NeuroImage IF: 5.902
  • Neuropediatrics IF: 1.530
  • Nutrients IF: 4.546
  • Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry IF: 4.361
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) IF: 9.412
  • Psychoneuroendocrinology (PNEC) IF: 4.732