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Elisabeth Korgiel

Elisabeth Korgiel, Dipl.-Psych. (M.Sc. equiv. Psych.)

Academic Staff, focus on Teaching

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Elisabeth Korgiel studied Psychology at the University of Hamburg with focus on Clinical Psychology and Occupational- and Organizational Psychology, and a minor in Neurology. During her studies she has worked as aconsultant and grief counsellor in the association Verwaiste Eltern und Geschwister Hamburg (equiv. Orphaned Parents and Siblings Hamburg). In 2009, she assumed the leading role of grief support in the field of children and adolescents and also in the field of parents. Besides, Elisabeth Korgiel works as an independent consultant, clinical supervisor, coach and lecturer in the field of continuing education and personal development with different professions. This includes, for example, the Diakonie Hamburg, Bundeswehr, Fire Department, hospital personnel and hospice. Since 2014, she teaches Occupational- and Organizational Psychology at MSH Hamburg and at MSB Berlin. Since 2017, Elisabeth Korgiel is academic staff with focus on teaching in Occupational- and Organizational Psychology.


Since 2014, Elisabeth Korgiel teaches with a focus on intervention methods in occupational- and organizational psychology, foundations in occupational- and organizational psychology, development of social competence, foundations of psychological diagnostics and systemic thinking at MSH Medical School Hamburg. Further to this, she has taught as Assistant Lecturer in a range of educational institutes within Germany, focusing on grief support and managerial- and personnel development. Since April 2017, Elisabeth Korgiel teaches intervention methods in occupational- and organizational psychology, communication psychology in occupational- and organizational psychology and grief at the workplace.


Her primary research focusses on the field of change processes of grief and health across all domains in the professional- and private contexts.


Elisabeth Korgiel is author of the book „Warum nur, Gott”

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