Dr. Dominique Goltz, M.Sc.

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Dominique Goltz studied Cognitive Sciences at the University of Osnabruck and Neuro-cognitive Psychology at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. She then received the opportunity to complete a PhD project within the scope of research work conducted at the Max Planck Institute for Cognition and Neurosciences at the Research School “Neuroscience on Communication” and at the University of Leipzig. She worked in a post-doc position at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. Since winter semester 2017, she works at MSH Medical School Hamburg for the empirical-experimental placement at MSH.


Dominique Goltz teaches in the areas of Differential Psychology and General Psychology. She has previously taught at the University of Leipzig and at FOM University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management.


Dominique Goltz’s has a neuroscientific research background and is primarily interested in the neuronal foundations of human attention and decision-making. She uses a variety of research methods, e.g. EEG-fMRT or eye tracking.


Goltz, D., Gundlach, C., Nierhaus, T., Villringer, A., Müller, M., & Pleger, B.  (2015). Connections between Intraparietal Sulcus and a Sensorimotor Network  Underpin Sustained Tactile Attention. The Journal of Neuroscience. 35:7938–7949.

Dähne, S., Bießmann, F., Samek, W., Haufe, S., Goltz, D., Gundlach, C., Villringer, A., Fazli, S., Müller, K.R. (2015). Multivariate Machine Learning Methods for Fusing Multimodal Functional Neuroimaging Data. Proceedings of the IEEE 109(9):1507–1530.

Spitzer, B.*, Goltz, D.*, Wacker, E., Auksztulewicz, R., & Blankenburg, F. (2013). Maintenance and manipulation of somatosensory information in ventrolateral prefrontal cortex. Human Brain Mapping 35:2412- 2423. *equal contributions

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