Professor Dr Klaus Runggaldier

Professor Dr Klaus Runggaldier
Dean, Faculty of Health

Professor for Medical Pedagogy

Am Kaiserkai 1
20457 Hamburg

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Professor Klaus Runggaldier studied business administration and health sciences at the University of Osnabruck to become a vocational teacher. He graduated in 1993 as Diplom health teacher (equiv. M.Sc.) and completed his doctoral thesis in the field of vocational- and business and economics education.

After consultation work in a renowned research- and planning institution of the health care sector, he was CEO and school principal of the Malteser Schulungszentrum in Nellinghof, product manager in emergency medical services and quality manager of the Malteser Aid Services at federal level from 1997-2010.

Since November 2010 he is CEO of the Falck Emergency Medical Services GmbH (

From 2007-2010 he was Dean of the Faculty of Health and was programme director of Medical Pedagogy at the SRH University of Applied Sciences for Health in Gera.

Through a number of further education modules in the field of quality- and health management, he acquired several extra qualifications. For example, he established a name as quality manager and external editor in line with the guidelines of the German Society for Quality e.V. (Deutschen Gesellschaft für Qualität e. V.) and the European Organization for Quality Audit of quality assurance systems.  

As employee of several academic and non-academic research institutions he was involved in the conceptualization, conduct and documentation of a range of scientific projects and research projects.

He is freelancer for several academic journals and is author and editor of reputed publications. Besides, he is member of the German Association of Specialized Journalists (Deutschen Fachjournalistenverband e. V.).
Since 2016, he is Dean of the Faculty of Health at MSH Medical School Hamburg. Here, he had previously held a role as Vice-dean since 2010.
Since 2016, he is editorial board member of the JEMS (Journal of Emergency Medical Services,

Furthermore, he was appointed to the Governing Council of the Falck Foundation ( in 2016.


Since several years, Professor Klaus Runggaldier is assistant lecturer at national and international academic institutions, e.g. at the Donau University of Krems in the degree »Emergency Health Service Management« and at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne in the degree »Rescue Engineering«.

At SRH University of Applied Sciences of Health Gera, he lectured in the fields of medical pedagogy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, interdisciplinary early interventions, nursing and health psychology.

Through his long-lasting role as school principal of the school center Nellinghof with approximately 2000 students per year in the subjects emergency medical services, nursing and care, care of the elderly and social work he gained in-depth experiences in the planning, conduct and evaluation of teaching, the organization of educational institutions and the development of new and appropriate education modules.

Research Focus

Klaus Runggaldier is co-founder of the EMS-Quality-Network, an international society that seeks to enhance the quality of emergency medical services, among others, in line with the West Midlands Ambulance Services (UK), the Vienna Red Cross (A), the Bavarian Red Cross Bezirksverband Schwaben (D) and the Malteser Aid Services (D). Further to the idea of promoting „best practices“, this international network deals with economic questions such as conception, testing and stipulation of an EMS-Quality manual for the standardization and harmonization of European emergency medical services. 

Klaus Runggaldier was externally involved in a number of research projects and –contracts. He worked, for example, on a scientific secondary research project of a pilot on the didactial-methodological optimization of prime education in vocational schools of the health care sector of the Bavarian State Institute for School Pedagogy and Educational Research; supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Bavarian State Ministry for Teaching, Culture, Science and the Arts (Bayerische Staatsministerium für Unterricht, Kultur, Wissenschaft und Kunst). He was further involved in the research association »Begabtenförderung in der beruflichen Bildung« (equiv. talent support in the vocational education system) on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Besides, he was member in the curriculum development panel of the Bavarian State Institute for School Pedagogy and Educational Sciences (ISB) for the development of a teaching and learning oriented curriculum for paramedic qualifications on behalf of the Bavarian State Ministry for Teaching, Cultural Affairs, Science and the Arts. 


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