Professor Dr. med Kai Wehkamp, MPH

Kai Wehkamp

Professor for Public Health

Am Kaiserkai 1
20457 Hamburg

Fon: 040.36 12 26 450
Fax: 040.36 12 26 430
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Professor Kai Wehkamp studied human medicine in Lübeck and in Kiel. From 2003-2006, he conducted molecularbiological research and completed his doctoral degree in the field of innate immunity in Kiel and Stockholm. He underwent further training to become medical specialist for internal medicine from 2006-2012 in the clinic for internal medicine I at the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein/Kiel. Here, he was assistant medical director from 2012-2015 for clinical quality management, economy and DRG. Since 2015 he is managing medical director. Professor Wehkamp completed additional vocational training to complete the Master of Public Health with focus on managerial structures and communication between medical staff and clinic management in the hospital setting (2009/2010). Since 2012, he is Professor for Public Health at MSH Medical School Hamburg in the Department Medical Management.


Professor Kai Wehkamp has longstanding teaching experience in the health care sector. He focuses on the topics of public health, quality management and health care management, ethics in the health care sector as well as medical topics in the DRG-field.

Research Focus

Through changes in basic conditions of the health care sector, novel and diverse challenges come into place located between the spaces of medical and economic objectives. To moderate potentially emerging tensions and to provide solutions for the stakeholders involved, new approaches are needed. Professor Wehkamp’s research interest lies in the space of the organizational integration of medical quality through process-/quality- and ethical management concepts, including the economic evaluation. A special focus is herein the application, effect and evaluation of innovative, digital solutions for the health care sector. 


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