Prof. Dr. phil. Sarah Meyer

Sarah Meyer

Prof. Dr. phil. Sarah Meyer
Professor for Social Work

Am Kaiserkai 1
20457 Hamburg

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Sarah Myer completed her studies in Educational Sciences and Art Pedagogy at the University of Osnabruck. In 2011, she graduated with a Master of Arts with focus on education in societal heterogeneity. From 2010-2017, she worked at the Niedersächsisches Institut für frühkindliche Bildung und Entwicklung (Institute for early child education and development) and at the University of Osnabruck. Here, she worked in the research cluster elementary pedagogy and early child education/pedagogy, was involved in research projects related to child day care issues and ran further education modules for pedagogical staff. Since April 2017, she is academic staff with focus on teaching at the Department for Family, Child and Social Work at MSH Medical School Hamburg. It is anticipated that she will complete her doctoral studies on the topic „Soziale Differenz in Bildungsplänen für die Kindertagesbetreuung. Eine diskursiv gerahmte Dokumentenanalyse“  (equiv. Social differences in curriculum for day care services. A documentary analysis) in 2018.


Prior to her teaching role at MSH Medical School, Sarah Meyer worked at the University of Osnabruck in the field of educational sciences, European studies as well as teacher training. Further to this, she worked at the Niedersächsisches Institut für frühkindliche Bildung und Entwicklung (equiv. Institute for early childhood education and development) and ran training modules for experts and consultants in the field of child care institutions.


Primary research focus of Sarah Meyer is on educational and/or pedagogical perspectives and covers the fields of curriculum development and educational political discourse in early childhood education, every day practices in pedagogical institutions, family and education, diversity and gender. She primarily employs qualitative-reconstructive research methods (ethnography, documentary analysis, image- and video analysis, agency analysis).


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