Professor Dr Manfred Pretis

Professor Dr Manfred Pretis
Professor for Transdisciplinary Early Intervention

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20457 Hamburg

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Professor Manfred Pretis studied philosophy and psychology in Austria. He then carried out several teaching and assistant lecturer roles at schools and universities in Austria.

After many years of work in different early intervention institutions, he founded the institution “Social Innovative Net” as a customer service enterprise for the planning, realization and evaluation of funding programs and research projects in the field of early preventative interventions in 2000. In addition to review activities for individual cases, Professor Manfred Pretis is consultant in the public service and in the so called area of social consulting. To extend and intensify his knowledge, he coordinates and supervises international projects. Further, he is clinical psychologist and remedial teacher.


Since 2004, Manfred Pretis works as Assistant Lecturer at the University of Graz. He has further assistant lecturer roles with the Akademie für medizinisch-technischen Laboratoriumsdienst in Vienna and with the social and remedial Förderungsinstitut Steiermark. By order of the Austrian Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegeverbands (equiv. health- and nursing association) in Vienna, Professor Pretis gives lectures and seminars. He is further member in the advisory board of the SRH University of Applied Health Sciences Gera. 


Manfred Pretis is involved in diverse research projects. A special focus is the field of inclusion- and integration-relevant life aspects for people with disabilities.

He was project coordinator in the EU-Project EQM-PD to examine the quality of assistance services for people with disabilities, in the project ‘Europäischer Bildungspass Interdisziplinäre Frühförderung’, in the design of a European Master degree Early Intervention and with KIDS STRENGTH, a project for professional competence gain for experts who work with children of mentally ill parents.

As project partner, Manfred Pretis is involved in a number of EU projects. Projects include, for example, the development of sustainable strategies for projects in the care for the disabled, the development of trial- and certification instruments in the field of IKT for children learning difficulties, for the development of training modules for family members who look after disabled children, or support materials for children and experts in the field of early interventions.

At the moment, Manfred Pretis is project partner in the European project SGSCC, which provides opportunities to adolescents with learning difficulties to advance their job market related social skills through computer-based games or smartphones. 


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