Professor Dr med Barbara Rüttner Götzmann

Professor Dr med Barbara Rüttner Götzmann
Professor for Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

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20457 Hamburg

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Professor Barbara Rüttner Götzmann studied human medicine at the University of Zurich from 1982-1988. She received the license to practice as medical doctor on December 8, 1988.

From 1986 – 1989, she worked - in addition to her role as doctoral student - at the institute for experimental immunology at the University Hospital of Zurich, under the auspices of Professor Zinkernagel. In a self-initiated experimental research project, Barbara Rüttner examined the idea of heterogenisation of tumor cells.

In 1989, Barbara Rüttner commenced her training as specialist medical doctor at the neurological clinic, University Hospital of Zurich under the auspices of Professor Baumgartner. From 1990-1991 she worked in the neuro-surgical clinic, University Hospital of Zurich under the auspices of Professor Yasargil and was located in the neuro-traumatological emergency ward of the clinic for accident surgery. Here, she worked in a number of projects, associated with the neurological and neurosurgical clinic.

Mid 1991 – end 1993, Barbara Rüttner worked as assistant medical director in the psychiatric University Hospital of Zurich. She worked both at the locked admission ward at a dual station (addictive and psychiatric disorders) and in unlocked departments and gathered work experience in the diagnostic and treatment of schizophrenic psychosis, major depression and borderline, as well as addictive behavior. From October 1993 – December 1994, she worked in the psychiatric polyclinic of the University Medical Centre Zurich under the auspices of Professor Willi. Here, she worked in the field of consiliar psychiatry and in the outpatient clinic and made hands-on experiences in the conduct of video-documented psychoanalytical short-term therapies as well as in the foundations of couple- and family therapy.

In 1995, Barbara Rüttner completed her specialist medical training in psychiatry and psychotherapy and opened a psychotherapeutical-psychoanalytical practice in Zurich. Between 1995-2007, she completed another training at the German education institute for focusing und focusing therapy in Würzburg to become a certified focusing-therapist and a focusing-trainer. At the same time, she completed a training to become a psychoanalyst at the Freud-Institute Zurich. She completed this training in 2012 with the admission as member of the Internationalen Psychoanalytischen Vereinigung (IPV) (equiv International Psychoanalytical Association). From 2006-2012, Barbara Rüttner was, in collaboration with Professor Kieser, director of the institute for forensic law Universität St. Gallen, Prof. Dr. iur. Th. Poledna, Fakulty for Law, University of Zurich und Prof. Dr. med. A.M. Siegel, managing medical doctor neurology, Kantonsspital Zug, at the institute for experts in law and medicine in Zurich. She was also involved in the conceptualization of psychiatric reviews.

In 2011, she received recognition of the Swiss special medical training and was awarded the swiss licence to practice by the medical association Schleswig-Holstein. In 2012, she opened a psychoanalytical-psychotherapeutical private practice in Bad Segeberg. In 2013, she received recognition of the additional training certification psychoanalysis by the medical association Schleswig-Holstein.

Since October 2016, she is academic director of the training in depth-psychological founded psychotherapy at the Hafencity Institute for Psychotherapy.


Between 2003 and 2006, she conducted focusing seminars in line with the further education module for the attainment of the Swiss medical specialist title psychiatry and psychotherapy. Since 2011, period seminars “Introduction to Psychiatry” in line with the special training on liability law, institute for forensic law and legal practice, University of St Gallen, Switzerland.

Since 2012, lecturer, member of the education committee (2012-2015), supervisor and teaching analyst at the John-Rittmeister-Institute for psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and psychosomatic Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel.

Periodic seminars on psychoanalytical and psychotherapeutical techniques as well as psychosomatic. Conduct of teaching analysis and supervisory roles in line with the training of candidates. 2014/2015 organization of the scientific evenings at the John-Rittmeister-Institute, Kiel and moderation of regular psychoanalytical soirees: “psychoanalysis and theater” at the theater and opera Kiel.

2014/2015 lecturer at the academy for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, medical association Schleswig-Holstein, Bad Segeberg. Course director of the quadrennial training in depth-psychological psychotherapy for medical doctors. Since 2016, Professor for Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at MSH Medical School Hamburg.

Research Focus

Relationships between biographic traumas and the risk to experience a psychosomatic disorder, psychodynamic processing of an organ transplantation or chronic pain disorder; implementation of a manual psychotherapeutic intervention in organ transplant patients (focal online-skype intervention); examination of different treatment procedures in patients with psychosomatic disorders.

Investigation in unconscious phenomena in interviews and pictures through qualitative data analysis in different patient collectives (somatoform pain disorders, heart attack patients, patient after lung transplantation).


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