Prof. Dr. Katja Siefken
Professor for Physical Activity and Health

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Prof. Dr. Katja Siefken holds a Ph.D. from Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in New Zealand in the field of Physical Activity and Health at the School of Public Health. For more than ten years, she has advised the World Health Organization on Global Strategy for Diet, Physical Activity and Health. In 2012 she founded the peer-reviewed journal Journal of Sport for Development with international experts. Since 2014, she has been the contact person for Germany for the Global Observatory for Physical Activity and Health. Since 2017, she has been a board member of the organization Sports United - an independent non-governmental organization in the field of sports for development. Katja Siefken regularly attends the annual conferences of the International Society of Physical Activity and Health and has been the representative of Germany since 2019. She is a fellow of the German Scholars Leadership Academy (2018/2019).

Teaching Activities

Katja Siefken has been involved in teaching for several years. In recent years she has taught at the University of Auckland in New Zealand at the Fiji School of Medicine in Fiji, at the HAW Hamburg in Germany and at the University of South Australia in Australia. Here she always taught in the field of exercise, sports and health. She has been at the MSH Medical School Hamburg since October 2019 and occupies the professorship »Physical Activity and Health«.

Research Interest

Her special research interests lie in the prevention and reduction of risk factors for noncommunicable diseases through movement. Katja Siefken conducts intervention research in the field of physical activity and its influence on mental, social and physical health. She puts a special emphasis on health promotion through movement in socially disadvantaged groups.

Ongoing research projects:     

  • Physical activity motivators: at unseen connection in rural Australian women?     
  • Are You Playing the (Healthy Age) Game? Investigating the new wave of physical activity strategies in rural Australians.     
  • Sport and Sustainable Livelihood in Fiji.     
  • SPLASH Social Capital and Students' Health - an international two-wave panel study.     
  • Physical education in schools. What can Australia learn from Nordic countries?     
  • Growing with Gratitude. Qualitative evaluation of perceived outcomes. Mental health and resilience in primary school students.
  • German