Professor Andrea Caby

Professor Dr. med. Andrea Caby
Professor for Social Medicine

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Andrea Caby holds a medicine degree. Following the specialist training for child- and adolescent medicine, she received the title of specialist for pediatrics in 1998. Further to this, she is trained as psychotherapist, systemic counsellor, coach and supervisor. From 2007-2014, Andrea Caby worked as professor for social pediatrics in the field of social work and health at the University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg/Ostfriesland/Wilhelmshaven. Since fall 2012, she is head of the social pediatric center in Papenburg and as such, is heavily involved in practical work in the field of early intervention and social work. Andrea Caby acts a chairman in the Association for Interdisciplinary Early Intervention (Vereinigung für Interdisziplinäre Frühförderung).

Her primary interests are developmental psychiatry, chronic diseases in childhood and adolescence with transition to adulthood, ADHS, systemic therapy and consultation, health promotion and prevention, social work and -pedagogy, as well as social medicine and -pediatric. 


Andrea Caby has teaching experience from her role as professor for social pediatric in the department of social work and health at the University of Applied Science Emden/Leer as well as in other Universities within Germany and internationally.


Andrea Caby is author of a number of national and international publications and collaborates in a range of interdisciplinary research projects.

During her two years as research staff at the Wistar Institute, she has developed a monoclonal, anti-idiotypic antibody which has been used for the treatment of colon carcinoma.

Andrea Caby has organized congresses (Munich, Emden) and presented at international conferences (Barcelona, Istanbul) on the topic of attention deficit disorder / hyperactivity disorder. She has also published in this field of work. 

Further to this, Andrea Caby is member of the scientific advisory council for the degree Transdisciplinary Early Intervention at the Medical School Berlin and at the Medical School Hamburg.

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