Daniel Loth, B.A.

Daniel Loth

Daniel Loth, B.A.
Academic Staff, Focus on Teaching

Am Kaiserkai 1
20457 Hamburg

Fon: 040.361 226 40
Fax: 040.361 226 430
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Daniel Loth represents on the one hand medical pedagogy as a project member, on the other hand his professional background (emergency paramedics, practical instructors) is of particular value for developing field access as well as for assessing burdens and risks from his own professional perspective. Mr. Loth has been working as a lecturer at the RKiSH Academy in Heide (Schleswig-Holstein) since 2014. Due to his many years of experience in Germany and abroad, he has a great deal of expertise in the field of preclinical emergency rescue. In addition, Mr. Loth has completed a series of internationally certified course systems (PHTLS, AMLS, PEPP, EMD, ACLS) and has completped a degree in Medical Education (BA).

Inspired by the subsequent master's program, his research focus is now on health pedagogy and -psychology. In particular, he is interested in exploring the psychological determinants in the workplace and in developing, implemeting and evaluating the corresponding preventive and intervention measures.

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