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Professor York Zöllner

Professor York Zöllner

Professor York Zöllner

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York Zöllner is professor for health economics at HAW. He is board member of the Consumer Health Care Association (Berlin), co-editor of the Journal of Medical Economics and reviewer for a range of academic journals. Following his involvement as academic staff at the Humboldt University of Berlin, he initially worked in the pharmaceutical industry and in the field of consulting- and contract research. In 2010, he was appointed professorship in Hamburg.


Health economics at MSH Medical School Hamburg


Healthcare cost analysis, health technology assessment, management of pandemics

Publications (selection)

Walzer S, Annemans L, Parow D, Zöllner Y, Shekarriz S, Antoñanzas F. The German AMNOG and its current potential implications on the Spanish and Belgian pricing and reimbursement decisions. J Health Policy & Outc Res 2013; 1

Shekarriz S, Hoday K, Zöllner YF. Trends in the Use of Innovative Contracting Models Between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Payers in Europe. Value in Health 2012(1);15(7):A322.

Specht A, Fröhlich N, Zöllner YF. The economics of vaccination. J Health Policy & Outc Res 2012;2:2-5

Schröder S, Kuessner D, Arnold G, Zöllner Y, Jones E, Schaefer M. Do neurologists in Germany ad-here to the national Parkinson's disease guideline? Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 2011 (1); 7: 103–10.

Zöllner YF, Balp MM, Gili Marco A. The role of galenic innovation in improving treatment compliance and persistence: three case studies. ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research 2011(1); 3: 109–16.

Willis M, Persson U, Zöllner Y, Gradl B. Reducing uncertainty in value-based pricing using evidence development agreements: the case of continuous intraduodenal infusion of levodopa/carbidopa (Duodopa®) in Sweden. Applied Health Economics and Health Policy 2010(1); 8(6): 377–86

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